Granit Xhaka: Transformation From Arsenal to Bayer Leverkusen, Eamon Dunphy’s Observation

Bayer Leverkusen’s impressive performance this season has been a major football highlight, with Granit Xhaka playing a crucial role in the team’s success. Eamon Dunphy thinks that Granit Xhaka has changed a lot since he left Arsenal and joined Bayer Leverkusen last summer.

Granit Xhaka chose to leave Arsenal after being there for seven years. This season, he has been one of the top players in Europe, which is surprising considering his inconsistent performance during his time at Arsenal over the last few years.

Eamon Dunphy Applauds Granit Xhaka’s Transformation: From Arsenal Troubles to Bayer Leverkusen Star

Bayer Leverkusen bought Granit Xhaka from Arsenal for £21.4 million last summer. He’s been a great addition to the Bundesliga team. With his help, Leverkusen is now eight points ahead of Bayern Munich and might win the league title. Xhaka seems like a different player now. Eamon Dunphy, speaking on his podcast, mentioned how much Xhaka has changed. He said that Granit Xhaka, who is 31 years old, is not the same as he was at Arsenal. He’s no longer causing problems like he did before, both on and off the pitch.

“Who’s their (Bayer Leverkusen’s) star man? Xhaka. He’s in midfield, he has calmed down, playing as a playmaker. There’s none of the old stuff we had at Arsenal. He was an idiot, kicking people, screaming at referees, it’s all gone, he’s a new man. That’s another tick from the manager ‘I can fix maniacs’.” Dunphy said

Xhaka has been really good for Bayer Leverkusen this season, but that’s not unexpected. He showed his skills last season too, even though he had some tough times at Arsenal. He faced a lot of criticism while playing for Arsenal, but it’s nice that Arsenal fans supported him last season. Now, some experts are also recognizing how good he is.

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