Gundogan makes shocking statements after El Clasico loss


Ilkay Gundogan attracted considerable attention following Barcelona’s 2-1 loss to Real Madrid when he openly criticized his teammates for what he perceived as insufficient effort. The German international was candid in expressing his disappointment about the perceived lack of remorse and reaction from his colleagues after the defeat.

Gundogan said:

“I would’ve liked to see more frustration and anger. There should be stronger feelings. I did not come here to lose these types of matches.”

Gundogan went on to emphasize that if Barcelona maintains their current approach to matches. Both Real Madrid and even Girona could comfortably secure the title.

Ilkay Gundogan’s forthright criticism of his Barcelona teammates surprised many. But it seems that the club has responded to it with a degree of understanding and acceptance.

How did Barcelona as a whole receive the criticism of Gundogan?

As noted by Helena Condis, the players were taken aback by Gundogan comments. Because they were unaccustomed to someone publicly calling them out and delivering criticism in such a manner.

Despite the initial surprise, the Barcelona players seem to have embraced Gundogan comments in a positive light. Recognizing that the club has been in need of the kind of mentality he highlighted for quite some time.

Gundogan has experience during his tenure at Manchester City, where he won numerous Premier League titles and led his team to a treble last season, equips him to initiate internal discussions within the team following performances like the one against Real Madrid. Consequently, both the coaching staff and the sports department appear to endorse his critique.

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