India 2-0 Bangladesh: Post-match analysis

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India has defeated Bangladesh by 2-0 in a crucial tie at Jassim Bin Hamad stadium last night. India have finally managed to break the curse. They have registered their first victory after going 11 matches without a win

India vs Bangladesh, one of the most important matches in India’s qualifier matches. The match was supposed to decide India’s participation in the Asia Cup China 2023 and thankfully India managed to win it, Thanks to Sunil Chhetri’s incredible brace.

As we predicted that India will surely grab the 3 points with a clean sheet in Gurpreet’s hands. And they have done that. Bangladesh were choked because of India’s aggressive pressing, Which cost them the match.

India 2-0 Bangladesh: Post-match analysis

The Blues showed a robust defensive performance against Qatar, but in this match, India were completely the opposite of that. India showed their offensive side, the side which can control the midfield and create chances aggressively. India totally consumed the possession, kept the ball to themselves.

Brandon Fernandes, Glan Martins were amazing, dominated the midfield created many chances too. Right from the beginning, India were on top of Bangladesh, but Bangladesh’s defense did a fabulous job in restraining the Blues from scoring any goals. Sadly Bangladesh’s forward Mohammad Ibrahim missed the game because of COVID, which also impacted Bangladesh’s performances.

Right after kick-off, Bangladesh’s Rakib ended up in the books of the referee. India Showed their attacking instinct but their sloppy passing was ruining it for them. The first chance for India came in the 15th min when Brandon threaded a lovely chance for Manivr, but it nicely defended by Bangladesh. Finally, in the 23rd min, Bangladesh managed to create something, which eventually got denied by Gurpreet.

In the 29th min, Sunil was brought down in the box by Tariq, which looked like a sure penalty. but the referee denied it. As the match started heating up the Blues were getting more and more comfortable with the ball. In the 34th minute, Chiglesana comes with a stinging header from Brandon’s corner but defender Riyadul saves it. This has been the best chance of the match so far. After all of this finally, the first half comes to an end.

Second-half begins as India makes two changes Yasir and Ashique, replace Bipin and Udanta. The match continues and India makes a bright start. The same story continues India manages to create threats but fails to capitalize on them. After an hour of the gameplay, Brandon dominates the midfield creating 6 key chances in 60 minutes. Finally after so many attempts and struggling to score constantly for 80 minutes. India manages to score, Sunil Chhetri manages to score. The score in 1-0 now because of Sunil Chhetri’s precise header.

The urgency is evident now for Bangladesh as they push them more up the field. But. leaving a lot of space behind Bangladesh’s backline. The Blues were also not sitting back and defending, despite having the one goal cushion. In the injury time India gives another blow to Bangladesh, and it is Sunil Chhetri again.

The match ends and it 2-0 for India. Head coach Igor Stimac takes the sigh of relief as he hugs the Captain.

Top performance

Brandon Fernandes: Brandon definitely had the best time of his life, as he was brilliant on the field. From creating chances to pin point crosses, he didn’t put a step wrong.

Sunil Chhetri: Captain fantastico showed us again why this team needs him the most. The team and coach couldn’t have asked for anything more. Sunil scored an amazing brace when the team needed him the most.

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