ISL approves 3+1 foreign players rule from 2021-22 season

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The Indian Super League have approved the 3+1 rule to help local players actively participate in the league. The rule will be a part of the ISL guidelines from the eighth edition 2021-22. The new rule will allow 7 Indian players to be a part of the starting XI.

Football Sports Development Ltd. (FSDL) decided to impose the new rule in the league during a meeting attended by chairperson Nita Ambani.

According to the rule, clubs will be able to sign six foreign players, with one compulsory signing of an Asian origin player. While only four foreigners can take on the field.

During the inaugural 2 seasons of the ISL, the clubs can only field 5 Indian players at a given time. However, the number was raised to six from ISL 2017-18. Now with the new rule, the clubs are narrowed to field 4 foreigners in a game.

“ISL has always exhibited a progressive and adaptive nature to their operations. Since 2014, ISL has improvised on many fronts with each year and today is yet another such example of ISL’s forward-looking statement on Indian football,”– Football Administrator

FSDL also mandates that a club will have to sign four development players and two will be in the starting XI. With this bold move, the participation of domestic players will increase in the league. Helping Indian football grow, playing along with the top-notch players.

“The decision is an outcome of ISL and its clubs’ aligned vision with the national federation (AIFF) and a result of joint consultation,”– Indian Super league

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