ISL to Improve Referee Quality, Partner with Premier League

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Jamshedpur FC lost to FC Goa in the 38th match of the ISL just barely due to poor referee decisions cost them a point.

Alex Lima scored a goal for the Red Miners in the 87th minute which came off the crossbar. The ball bounced inside the goal before coming out of the post. But the officials denied counting the goal.

The Indian Super League organized an open communication forum for teams’ head coaches, representatives of AIFF, and its referees on 24th December.

To discuss several aspects related to the officiating games and communication between coaches and match officials.

Premier League officiating representatives of Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), were in attendance to share their experiences. They will be guiding them as part of their tie-up with the ISL and the AIFF.

The main objective of the forum was to ensure that there is two-way communication between the coaches and the AIFF’s appointed referees. So that there is accurate officiating throughout the match. The following changes in Officiating the game can be seen from the next match onwards.

When clarity is required in the match, a specifically allocated time will be provided to the coaches from the next matchday. So that the coach can discuss with the referee’s department. That will benefit the overall development of the game in line with the international best practices in football.

AIFF has assigned 12 referees and 14 assistant referees for the ISL 2020-21 season. In addition to the 26-member referee, Adley Costa and Ramesh Babu have been attached as referees’ coaches.

PGMOL officials have been assisting the AIFF on an ongoing basis with the development and training of match officials supported by the ISL. This would improve the standard of the referee in ISL.

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