Ivan Toney to Arsenal is considered done deal

Ivan Toney is probably leaving Brentford within the next 12 months. The striker has outgrown his current club and he’s been very open about the fact he’s ready to make the leap to the next level.

Interest in Ivan Toney

Since the summer, a number of teams have been heavily connected to the England international. But the two most prominently associated with a bid for the £60 million player are Arsenal and Chelsea.

Scott Minto has been speculating on Toney’s future while speaking on TalkSPORT. He believes the striker will eventually join Arsenal, but not during the January transfer window.

Minto gave his assessment of the striker’s prospects.

“Fans of Brentford are aware that the question is not if he leaves, but rather when. Ivan Toney should continue with the team until the conclusion of the season, in my opinion, but after that, he’s out. Even though I would really like to see him play for Chelsea, Minto believes that he will play for Arsenal the next season.


It’s difficult to guess Ivan Toney final destination. Particularly if he decides to relocate in the summer as opposed to January.

It is true that there is a lot that may happen in the period between now and the summer transfer window.

If Chelsea keeps struggling in the last third, they could grow even more eager for a striker, and if Eddie Nketiah or Gabriel Jesus find their scoring groove, Arsenal might decide not to spend a lot of money on a new forward.

With so many moving parts at play, it’s nearly impossible to anticipate summer transfers ahead of time. Moreover, it’s pointless to try to guess where a player like Ivan Toney will end up, given that he is now suspended from competition.

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