Jamie Carragher makes controversial statement after Chelsea win over Aston Villa in the FA Cup

Aston Villa

Jamie Carragher has said that Chelsea FC‘s FA Cup win over Aston Villa was ‘a setback for English football’.

A 3-1 defeat for Villa was a surprise one, given their strong Premier League performances this season. They currently sit fourth in the table – just five points behind leaders Liverpool; meanwhile their opponents Chelsea are placed 11th on the table.

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino certainly came into the game under a lot of pressure, having lost 4-2 to Wolves at Stamford Bridge on Sunday. The FA Cup victory would’ve certainly released a lot of pressure.

Aston Villa miss out on a good chance to end trophy drought following the defeat to Chelsea

Aston Villa haven’t won a domestic trophy since lifting the League Cup in 1996, and many believed they would be one of the contenders to end that drought this year. But that won’t be happening in the FA Cup, with Carragher expressing his disappointment in his newest column for The Telegraph.

He explained: “Villa and Spurs have both won the League Cup twice since 1993. That represents rank underperformance. It is not as though they have been beaten by the cup winners or finalists every season. That is why Spurs fans were so upset by the team selection in this year’s League Cup, and why Villa’s defeats in both cup competitions this season as a huge disappointment.”

Carragher makes harsh comments for Chelsea

The former Liverpool player further said: “By every measure, Villa are better than Chelsea this season. They were strong favourites going into Wednesday’s game.

“Realistically, how often is that going to be the case in future years? When the most powerful clubs are down, that is when the rest must take advantage.”

The admission that the defeat was a ‘setback’ didn’t sit well with Blues fans. Carragher’s words were certainly harsh, but there’s no denying that Aston Villa were firm favourites going into the game.

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