Messi visited Barcelona after outstanding freekick against Lille

Exclusive to Lionel Messi

Messi once again proved to be crucial for the French side. After losing their last three games, PSG wanted to get back on track against Lille. By the 17th minute, they had a 2-0 lead thanks to Mbappe and Neymar. In terms of clichés, Lille did, indeed, show the French capital side that 2-0 is a dangerous lead. In the 69th minute, Jonathan David, Bafode Diakite, and Jonathan Bamba inspired a 2-3 comeback.

However, PSG did not go down that easily. In the 87th minute, Mbappe scored his second goal before Lionel Messi scored a sensational free-kick in the 95th minute to win the game. In the second half, Messi only got the ball in a dangerous position once. Additionally, he converted the free-kick after winning the foul.Despite a lackluster performance, Leo proved he was no pushover.

Messi visiting Barcelona for the first time after World Cup win

Victor Navarro reports that following the Argentine’s impressive 4-3 win, Messi traveled to Barcelona for a break. Leo has always been clear that his home is Barcelona, and that his family plans to move back once his football career ends. In addition, this is Messi’s first visit to Barcelona since he won the World Cup. Messi will have two days off as PSG do not play in midweek, and only face Olympique Marseille on Sunday.

Messi will have a more tight schedule as the season goes on, as the second leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 is also scheduled in Munich.

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