Pochettino Faces Sack at Chelsea: Romano Uncovers Urgency for Immediate Results

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After Chelsea’s disappointing 4-1 loss to Newcastle United and inconsistency in winning games, people are wondering if Mauricio Pochettino will still be the manager. But Fabrizio Romano, a well-known football journalist, says Chelsea’s top people still have confidence in Pochettino. Romano says Chelsea picked Pochettino for the season, believing he fits their long-term plans and vision for success. They understand that rebuilding the team will take time.

Romano states,

“Still, all the information I’m getting is that Chelsea decided to go for Pochettino because they feel he is the right man for this project, and they know it’s going to take time.”

“This is something Pochettino is repeating in public but also in private with his conversations with people at the club.”

Chelsea’s Call for Urgent Results Amidst Inconsistency

Even though Chelsea still supports Pochettino, recent games have emphasized the need for the team to get better right away. Chelsea has had some good moments under Pochettino, like tying with strong teams such as Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester City. But the team’s inconsistency, especially in the not-so-great game against Newcastle, is worrying.

Romano emphasizes Chelsea’s desire for swift results, stating,

“Despite the bad result against Newcastle, nothing has changed at Chelsea – they still trust Pochettino, so he is not at risk at Stamford Bridge.”

“They will keep trusting the manager – the owners and directors all together.”

In short, Chelsea still supports Pochettino, but they know they need to do better. The next few games are important for Pochettino to show progress and meet the club’s goals as Chelsea wants to be at the top in English football again.

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