Politicians in Germany demand that Bayern defender Mazraoui be fired and deported for his pro-Palestine social media remarks

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The full-back Mazraoui, who also represents Morocco at the international level, posted links to a website calling for the destruction of Israel.

Following the promotion of material advocating for the eradication of Israel on social media. A professional football player for German champions Bayern Munich has come under fire. For asking for his expulsion from the nation.

With a pro-Palestinian Instagram post, 25-year-old Dutch-Moroccan Noussair Mazraoui stirred some controversy. He had recently sworn allegiance to the Moroccan national team.

A voiceover in a video that Mazraoui released prayed for the victory of his oppressed brethren in Palestine. May God heal their wounds and grant grace to the deceased.

The Moroccan football player also tweeted a Quranic passage. And a link to a website that calls for the destruction of Israel. The verse reads, “And do not believe that Allah is forgetful of what people who do injustice do. It just keeps them from moving forward until the day their eyes are permanently fixed in terror.

The comments are likely to cause a rift with David Peretz. A 23-year-old Israeli custodian who came from Maccabi Tel Aviv to play for the German champions in the summer. Peretz has post on social media that he feels sorry for the Israeli civilians who were kill in Hamas terrorists on October 7. Which sparked the most recent escalation in the long-running conflict between Israel and Palestine.

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Bayern defender Mazraoui is demanded to be fired

Following his remarks, a number of opposition center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) politicians demanded that Mazraoui be fired by Bayern and that he be deport from Germany.

“Dear FC Bayern, please dismiss him right now. Furthermore, he should be expell from Germany via all available official channels, CDU MP Johannes Steiniger stated on X, previously Twitter.

“Hopefully FC Bayern makes some sense! Alongside party colleague and fellow Bundestag member Christoph Ploß, “anyone who has no place in Germany is sympathetic to Hamas’ terrible terrorist attacks on Israel.”

After receiving harsh criticism for his actions, Mazraoui later released a statement in which he stated that he never meant to insult anyone.

“I want to start by saying that I find it incredibly disheartening that I have to defend my beliefs. There exists a situation when thousands of innocent individuals are being kill. In my opinion, I shall strive to bring about justice and peace in the globe. This implies that I will always be oppose to all forms of violence, bigotry, and terrorism. And however I will always support it,” the Moroccan football player wrote.

“I find it incomprehensible that people have the opposite opinion of me and that I’m connect to hate organisations because of this. Today is not about what I or you believe because this horrific war that has spiralled out of control is killing innocent people every day. It is imperative that we all oppose it and voice our opposition. This is however simply cruel,” he continued.

Ultimately, Mazraoui said, “I want to be clear that I never intend to hurt or offend anyone, intentionally or unintentionally.”

Bayern Munich has declined to offer a statement on the subject.

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