Real Madrid are all ready to sign English youngster Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham becomes

Real Madrid has not made significant signings lately. But they are reportedly preparing for a major transfer window and are associating themselves with renowned players. Whether they will successfully close these deals or not, only time will tell.

Jude Bellingham, a 19-year-old Englishman, has no strong links with Real Madrid. He is currently one of the top midfielders in the sport.

Due to his talent, it’s unsurprising that major European clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, and PSG are keeping an eye on Bellingham’s situation. However, Real Madrid seems prepared to make a move.

Real Madrid to prepare for €140 million Jude Bellingham

Sport1 (via SPORT) reports that Real Madrid has dispatched representatives to negotiate with Jude Bellingham and Borussia Dortmund directly. While no decision has been made yet, the proposed bid for the midfielder is reportedly up to €140 million. Consisting of €100 million fixed and remaining €40 million in variables.

Whether Real Madrid will ultimately make a substantial offer for Bellingham is uncertain. Nevertheless, if they do not, there is still anticipation to be a high level of interest in acquiring the midfielder’s signature.

Conversely, there have been speculations that Borussia Dortmund is keen to retain Bellingham at the club and might offer him a new deal. The situation remains uncertain, and only time will tell what will happen. While the general belief is that Bellingham will depart Borussia Dortmund in the summer, nothing is certain in football, and unexpected outcomes can always arise.

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