Real Madrid might go for different option if theu fail to get Mbappe


Paris Saint-Germain sensation Kylian Mbappé proved himself to be a formidable opponent for Real Madrid in the past. The Spanish club harbors a strong desire to secure his services next summer. But it appears they have gleaned valuable lessons from prior attempts.

Los Blancos are in need of a striker, and even though Mbappé doesn’t typically occupy that role, he might be willing to make an exception for Real Madrid. Nevertheless, the La Liga side is also considering alternative options to avoid relying solely on the possibility of acquiring Mbappé.

What is Real Madrid thinking of as a backup plan?

According to reports from Defensa Central, the club’s board devised a contingency plan. That is in case their efforts to secure the 2018 FIFA World Cup winner fall through. The publication discloses that Santiago Giménez, the prolific goal scorer from Feyenoord, is one of the alternative options under consideration by Real Madrid.

The Mexican international recently surpassed the PSG winger in terms of non-penalty goals scored in 2023. Giménez would serve as a valuable backup plan. However, Real Madrid has a strong desire to acquire the 24-year-old. Hence, they are preparing to go to great lengths to secure his signing.

While fans may believe that the Real Madrid train only arrives once, this doesn’t seem to be the case for the PSG forward. The current question revolves around whether he will choose to join them this time or decline their offer once again.

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