“Reality Check: Pochettino Acknowledges Chelsea’s Struggles and Looks to Wembley for Redemption”


Chelsea boss Pochettino dismisses excuses for Liverpool loss, acknowledges team’s inferiority, emphasizing the need for a different approach in the EFL Cup final. The coach points out the lack of aggression, connectivity issues, and the team’s struggles to recover the ball. Despite a potential penalty and a missed chance, Pochettino deems the performance disappointing, providing valuable insights. Looking ahead to Wembley, he anticipates a different setting and underscores the importance of improvement. Pochettino admits to challenges in away games, urging confidence and trust for consistency, acknowledging players’ comfort zones.

Pochettino Acknowledges Deficiencies and Seeks Redemption for Chelsea in EFL Cup Final

Chelsea manager Pochettino spoke with journalists in a post-match interview and addressed questions regarding the penalty appeal.

“I think it’s so clear; they were more aggressive than us. For us it was difficult to connect and play. It was difficult to recover the ball at the first or the second touch. We lose the ball so easily. They won all the duels. When we say they compete better, in all of the areas they were better than us. This is why. Yes, in the second-half of the game, at 2-0, we have a clear chance with Mudryk to score, maybe it would build our confidence and start to feel better.”

“We’ll be at Wembley, and it’ll be different in a neutral place. That’s always a different scenario. It’s the feeling the players have now. It’s good because if we were to compete the same way as today, it’ll be the same result. Improvement is necessary, or it’s going to be difficult. Games are always different, different circumstances. For us, it’s about learning in this type of game. We were competing against a top team, and it’s good for us to realize we need to push ourselves a little bit more.”

Joe Cole responds to Pochettino’s comments

Joe Cole expressed admiration for Chelsea manager Pochettino after his response to the Liverpool match, acknowledging and taking responsibility for the defeat.

“Pochettino I thought spoke absolutely brilliantly because he said at the start of the interview I thought these two were penalties tonight but Liverpool were much, much better than us. He’s owned it and it’s one game, so you have to move on,” Cole said on TNT Sports 1

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