Robbie Savage gives his opinions on Rice


Robbie Savage spoke out about the importance of Declan Rice. He spoke on his role and price in the current Arsenal squad and lineup.

Indeed, since joining Arsenal, Rice has performed admirably. According to Robbie Savage, who spoke on BBC 606, Rice’s worth has increased significantly once again since joining Arsenal in addition to his significance to the squad.

Savage claims that Rice is already worth more than Arsenal paid for him and is already overtaking players like Bukayo Saka in importance inside the team.

Savage gave his assessment on Rice.

“You look at the team, Rice could be a pivotal player in winning trophies for years to come,” Savage remarked. “I’m going to say Rodri is Man City’s most important player, and I think Declan Rice could be becoming Arsenal’s most important player.” Saka, Martinelli, and Saliba are all excellent players for Arsenal.

What is his current worth? In the unlikely event that Arsenal were to trade Rice, what would his current market value be? Robbie Savage enquired.

How much is he worth? He is worth more, in my opinion, than Arsenal spent for him.

Since no one can really afford to go sign Rice right now, it’s difficult to place a value on him.

Now that he is among Arsenal’s most vital players, the Gunners most likely wouldn’t let him go for anything less than a record-breaking sum.

Even yet, Rice’s future would be extremely difficult to predict if he were to consider leaving Arsenal, and the club would be reluctant to let him leave so quickly after paying such a high price for him.

Rice is so vital to Arsenal that it would not surprise us in the slightest if he decided to play for them for the remainder of his career.

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