The Bangladesh Army Football Team is a professional football team based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Army Football Team is a prominent sports entity within the Bangladesh Army. Moreover, it has a rich history in the country’s football landscape.


The Bangladesh Army founded the team in 1972. Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Army affiliates with it. Moreover, the team has won the Bangladesh Premier League a record 16 times and has also won the Federation Cup 11 times. The Bangladesh Army Football Team has a closely intertwined history with the country’s football journey. The team’s presence dates back decades, reflecting the Army’s dedication to fostering sporting talent alongside its primary responsibilities.


The Bangladesh Army Football Team participates in domestic football leagues and military tournaments. The team’s involvement in the Bangladesh Premier League and other competitions showcases its commitment to both national and military football development. The format varies depending on the tournament, encompassing league-style matches and knockout rounds. The team’s participation provides players with valuable opportunities to hone their skills and represent the Army on a broader platform.


Revenues for the team primarily come from internal sources within the Army. The Army allocates funding to support the team’s training, travel, and participation in various tournaments as part of its commitment to sports and fitness. While the team may not generate commercial revenues, its purpose is aligned with the broader mission of the Bangladesh Army.


Rivalries for the Bangladesh Army Football Team are often rooted in military tournaments, where teams from different branches of the military compete against each other. These rivalries, while friendly in nature, bring a sense of competitiveness and camaraderie to the matches. Additionally, matches against civilian football clubs can also spark spirited competition, fostering a sense of pride for both sides.

Future Prospect

The Bangladesh Army Football Team’s history, commitment to its format, reliance on internal funding, and friendly rivalries exemplify the essence of sportsmanship within the armed forces. The team’s participation not only nurtures talent within the Army but also demonstrates the organization’s dedication to holistic development. The team’s journey underscores the notion that sport can serve as a unifying force, promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and a shared sense of identity among its personnel.

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