Upamecano broke records after his dazzling performance against FC Köln

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Bayern Munich drew in their league match against FC Köln, the score being 1-1. It was a disappointing result for the German champions. Nevertheless, Joshua Kimmich scored in the 90th minute, and Upamecano assisted the goal. Even though it was a poor performance overall by the Bavarians, Upamecano deserves some praise after his performance. The Frenchman broke a few records as the solid defensive wall in the Bayern backline throughout the match.

An overview of Dayot Upamecano’s stats in the match against FC Köln

Dayot Upamecano’s overall performance for Bayern Munich against FC Köln:

  1. Twenty-five entries in the final third (the most in a single Bundesliga game this season)
  2. Passes made in open play – 134 (the most ever in a single Bundesliga game this season).
  3. A total of 149 touches were recorded (the most in a single Bundesliga game this season)

According to the above information, we can see some incredible stats about the Frenchman. It’s crazy that his touches and open-play passes have been the best of the season for the Bundesliga this year. In the Bundesliga, Dayot Upamecano ranks first for average passes per game, with an impressive 85.7 passes per game. He improved on those league-leading numbers by over 150% against Köln.

Meanwhile, Joshua Kimmich is second with 78.7. Also, Rodri of Manchester City clocks in at 92.5 in Guardiola‘s possession-based pass-pass-pass system. Despite these circumstances, Upamecano’s achievements stand out. It’s a shame Bayern only managed a point. However, Upamecano’s performance is commendable.

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