Zidane to bring in Hazard if he becomes coach of Juventus


The possibility of Zinedine Zidane becoming the new coach for Juventus is still under discussion. He is likely to be a potential replacement for Max Allegri. Since his departure from Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane has been without a club. But he may find himself coaching a team in the upcoming season.

Although Juventus is presently focusing on other matters, the future of Max Allegri as their coach remains uncertain.

Numerous clubs across the continent are showing interest in Zidane. But given that Juventus is among the biggest clubs, they will be an appealing choice for him. However, he may jeopardize the move by insisting on signing a particular player.

Zidane plans to bring Real Madrid flop

According to Calciomercato, Zidane is reportedly keen on working with Eden Hazard. He may seek to bring the Real Madrid player to Juventus if he takes over as manager. Given how poorly Hazard performed at Real Madrid, many people in Turin may not react positively to this transfer.

As Hazard’s form has declined, it’s unlikely that Zidane would be able to bring him to the club. Since many will be rightly opposed to the move. Juventus has had past experiences with injury-prone players whose performances suffered. Hence, it would not be wise to repeat the same mistake with Hazard.

Despite Zidane’s status as a coach, the board should consider vetoing the idea of signing Hazard since it may not be a logical decision. However, whether Zidane can cook something in Turin is to watch for.

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